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Washer tank pump replacement

I couldn't find a post describing this issue for f20, so I decided to share my experience.

So.. blue stuff started to leak from the passenger side of my 2013 116i.
The first thing coming to mind is ďoh no.. no coolant leak againĒ (last fix of some leaky connectors was quite expensive).
I opened the hood, the coolant water level was fine.. touched the "blue puddle" and I noticed itís not coolant but water with windows soap - at least I can drive the car.
So.. a quick search pointed that the washer tank is placed behind the passenger side fender, to reach it there is a need to disassemble the wheel and itís arch.
After a quick research (including other models than 1 series) and watching some videos, I decided this can be a nice and not too risky fix I can do by myself.
I took a guess that most of the chances itís a pump failure and not a leak from the tank or a hose. Quick call to a friend consulting fixing the existing pump with glue or something Ė decided to skip this solution and go for a new pump (to avoid the same work twice in case of a failure).

Our car has two pumps placed on the same tank.
Front pump: 67127302588
Rear pump: 67127302589
Notice, BMW mechanic told me that the pumps are identical (so both can replace each other).
I donít have headlights washers Ė so I donít know how this works Ė I will appreciate if someone will add this info in the future.

I Called BMW central garage asking for the front pump (by part number), and got an answer that a pump will cost around 216$ (U.S). Searched online for a solution inside Israel (didnít want to wait for a shipment during this Corona time) and found a Febi Bilstein OEM pump for 30$ (U.S) with a quick 2 days shipment to my doorstep.

For the fix I followed the following post: (yes, it's a different forum I'm not assigned to) (thanks Vapper).

Tools you will need:
1. Wrench to open the wheel bolts.
2. Hex 8mm.
3. Hex 10mm.
4. Torx key set.
5. 2T hydraulic jack.
6. Jack stand (securing the car in case the hydraulic fails).

The work flow:
1. Remove front driver's side wheel.
2. Remove the ďrear halfĒ of the wheel arch liner.
3. Remove trim inside the engine bay and remove the washer bottle filler point from the washer bottle.
4. Undo the single bolt fixing the washer bottle to the body.
5. Now, rotate the front of the reservoir downwards (pivots around the bottom) to release the other end of the tank.
6. Work the reservoir out and disconnect electrics and pipes.
7. The pumps can now be removed and the filters pulled from the reservoir to be cleaned!
8. Reassemble in reverse order.

It took me about 1.5 hours, most of the time was spent on taking off the tank from its place and reconnecting the water input hose back.

Disclaimer: Iím not a mechanic, this is not a recommendation to do this by yourself. Anything you choose to do is at your own risk.


I'm sorry but I didn't pictured the complete process.

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