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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Overall reaction to the first FWD BMW is very high in favour amongst BMW forums and online media.
The car is certainly getting talked about in a very good way.

The important thing to me and what I have been saying for a very long time now is how many (even @ Bimmerpost) understand that BMW have developed these cars on their own terms. Re-interpreting these cars to generate more appeal and dare I say more debate.

We might have overdone the rehtoric on our RWD capability in the past but the Active Tourer shows that we have grown up and became more mature in our attitude to a FWD concept. MINI worked so why couldn't a BMW?

Now we have proved that FWD can be re-intepreted as a BMW by expressing core BMW values in a concept that completey defies the conventional option. And this is what will bring customers to the showroom.

Paris is going to be interesting as our competitors will be all over this car on press day.

In my Town people have asked me what the production car will be like?
They are interested because they have these types of space concept for family pursuits etc.

What will change is in reality the concept elements but exterior and interior is very much what you will see if you add the more realistic elements.
This Active Tourer also provides an insightful insight into how the other BMW FWD vehicles will turn out as they will share the same design elements and bloodline.
And nothing in exterior or interior with MINI. What lies underneath is engineered to accomodate both brands , each with a different character with MINI going for the great to drive fun factor with BMW aiming for a more serious sporting edge.
Very well said Scott.

Please get this same team (or top design approval) on the LCI update of the 3 series or at least the next version.