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Originally Posted by scargizmo View Post
Unfortunately there is a big caveat here: engine performance @ high speeds. A high strung 2 liter 4-cyl engine, even with 340 hp, is no performance match for 6-cyl 3 liter rig. And it will hurt the overtaking maneuvers abominally. ...
Sorry - this is simple physics: Performance of two engines with nearly same hp/torque is the same regardless whether it comes from 2.x or 3.x liter displacement.
Why you are referring to a 250hp Ford when I am talking about an upcoming M2 with same hp/torque as the outgoing 1M - I don't get it.

Originally Posted by scargizmo View Post
And then there is a big question of M135 with easily chipped IL6 N55. Why does it even exist when BMW plans for 4-cyl M2? This new M135 can go on par with Porsche Cayman, compensating Cayman's precision with engine power. Will 4-cyl M2 be able to do so? My guess it will be ripped apart.
And here you give yourself the answer: BMW is not totally braindead. If they come up with an M2 on top of the M135i it will have better performance/dynamics straight line AND track.
How this could be achived is "simple": Deliver only slightly more hp than the M135i (so I am talking about 20 hp here, which means on par with the 1M) BUT make it around 100kg lighter.
This would be the recipe for the M2 if I follow Scott correctly.
And please stop dreaming of your "easily engine chippin"!
Why the hell should BMW put effort in developing/building easily chippable M engines?
If you want to chip - buy an M135i ... and loose your warranty.

Originally Posted by ptack View Post
I think when BMW said "no huge competitor in the HP race" they meant this will not be a 300+hp car. Even if BMW says it will deliver the same performance as a 1M you have to keep in mind that by the time it hits the street that performance will not be impressive. The only hope is that the engine and drive train will have the strength to be tuned
No - BMW (SCOTT) meant, that they see no sense in further pushing the hp numbers in this segment (Audi RS3, Merc A45 AMG, 1M Coupe). They are all in the 340-350hp ballpark right now. Pushing the hp race to 380-400hp in this segment (which might be a logical/normal step for an 340hp 1M successor) is what SCOTT imho ruled out. He never said it must have lower hp than is standard in this segment right now.

And btw: straight line performance was never impressive with the 1M and will also not be the case with the M2. But track performance/handling will be - I expect something more into direction of todays Cayman R

Just noticed: Scott already did put it into context