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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
BMW M President, Dr. Nitschke, confirmed to us in March that there will be no X3M, at least for this generation X3 (F25). But, it wasn't ruled out for the next generation X3.
When we get down to the X3M the official line is no. However back in the days of the X6M being developed they said the same around the X5M.
Now that the upcoming X4 will bring an X4M and like X6 is heavily based on the X5 sister vehicle as is X4 to X3. Potentially they could develop an X3M alongside the X4M. It all depends on how the market performs, demand for more performance SUVs convinced BMW to put the X5 M into production which together with the X6M brings together a huge sales and profit injection for the two concepts.

The potential for the X4M is too great to ignore especially for markets where the X6M is that markets best selling M car. There is demand for a mid-sized car for those that find the X6M out of reach.
Given its importance and what it will eventually face BMW M will make sure the X4M will be a very special car indeed.

I understand that employees at Spartanburg will be shown the new X4 model very soon.

BMW do not partcipate in the tit-for-tat horsepower race , BMW adheres to what is suitable for what the engine is capable of.
Just because a competitor can go faster in a straight line does it mean it is a better car? That answer is no because not all roads are straight. BMW M customers expect a driving experience not numbers.
That is why the current M3 Coupe has remained at the top for five years seeing off all-comers.

Audi might dazzle you with huge numbers etc but are you still talking about the Audi RS 3 or the BMW 1er M Coupe? - which car has lingered in the memory? and right away you know the answer.
As BMW states the base car has to have a good degree of competency to follow as an M car , you have that base and then you can progress its development. If you have a chassis has been maligned by the press you build on that but you still have that problem because there is no other direction to go.

BMW are keen to keep the same formula for the M2 as the 1er M Coupe, except it will become lighter and incorporate a four door model for the first time. The engine will be a four cylinder with Turbo and will put out the same numbers as before. But as enthusiasts the world over were drawn by the promise of one of the best M cars ever they were not disappointed and they were not after numbers they wanted a car that done what it promised in everyway possible - They wanted a pure M car. Which it was and now here comes phase II of progress.

The Gran Coupe version of the 2er Coupe will retain rear-wheel-drive because BMW know it will have that advantage over the FWD Mercedes-Benz CLA and Audi A3 Sedan. BMW also know that enthusiasts shopping for this type of car would very possibly take the BMW.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...