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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
BMW is trying to capture a larger market share. By introducing cheaper models, they can do it. It's totally understandable from a business standpoint and I cannot fault BMW for that (every other company is doing the same thing), but as a brand, BMW has been watered down. BMW was once reserved for a certain type of driver. Now it is reserved for people who just care about the badge.

The E46 M3 and E39 M5 were the ultimate driver's cars. We will never see cars like that again.
Thanks. Bottom line is BMW is trying to be a Toyota or GM. The company is departing from core values that differentiated the brand. If at some point the 3er becomes an Altima, then why buy the BMW? With every generation, it gets A little closer. Imagine a poorly constructed sedan with blah styling, FWD, auto only transmission, buzzy four, and numb steering. Sound like a BMW?

There is a reason why people pay the price premium. If that goes away there is no need to pay the premium. Yes, the halo of the brand will continue but that only lasts for so long.