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M135i Tyre Size Query “Upsizing” Winter Tyres to “Plus Zero”

I drive a 2013 BMW M135i, which is currently fitted with the following manufacturer recommended winter wheel and tyre package:
Wheels: 17 inch x 7 inch
Tyres: Continental WinterContact TS 830 P SSR 205/50 R17 89H

In my experience, the application of power, acceleration, and snow/ice performance with this set-up have been very disappointing. The OEM summer wheels and tyres are a great deal wider and provide a lot more grip and traction in cold and wet conditions. With the winter package, the car doesn’t put power down well, doesn’t grip in the wet, and struggles to find traction in ice or snow. I have had comparable BMW’s with comparable winter tyres previously, and this performance falls short of my expectations by a large margin.

I would like to continue to use the existing BMW OEM winter wheels. My question is, would it be suitable to “up-size” the winter tyres to a “plus zero” configuration, with the following size:
Wheels (Same): 17 inch x 7 inch
Tyres (Different): Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 225/45 R17 94 R XL

Would this wider, larger footprint provide an advantage during acceleration by giving me more ‘rubber on the road’? Also, could I expect better ice and snow performance due to the larger number of sipes / surface area able to find purchase on the snow or ice? What about the ride comfort and handling?

I would be very interested to hear any thoughts people may have on the above before I make my decision on how to proceed.