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Originally Posted by wolz View Post
That's funny, I had a 318iS e36 with LSD. On gislaved nordfrost 5 with studs it was truly epic in wintertime, never got stuck =) I didn't tow any jeeps from ditches but it was fantastic making it's way through conditions that seemed impossible.

So my F20 on studless feels like a joke compared to that =( really poor when there is a bit of snow. If I loose momentum and come to a stand-still it's game over. Trying to park it in a bit of snow is a nightmare. The electronic diff don't cut it, seems like 1wd at standstill (works great at speed though).

I used to be the guy who went MUAHAHAH when everyone else was stuck and I had no probs, now I'm the sitting duck and even toyota Aygos and stuff drive past me having the laugh
From what you write, it seems like you didn't choose Traction mode (one click on the DSC button). I had the same problems as you when all systems was active, but when I turned it into Sport+ or Traction mode, it allowed some spinning to find grip. I was very amazed by the traction it had on roads with up to 15cm loose snow (yes my front bumper acted like a plow).