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Hi everyone,

Great thread! Im a little out of place, but this is the best thing I've found after searching a while, to address my issues.

I have a 2011 135i with the professional HU and the top H/K hifi stereo, as well as the USB/ipod input (mine came from the factory with the 30 pin ipod/phone Y-cable).

Problem is, I just came home with an iPhone 5S, so my world is shook up regarding the lightning connector. On all my other vehicles I purely use an aux in cable, and then have a cigarette plug charger... but I like that the 135i is integrated a little tighter.

The car is a keeper, I bought it planning to hold on to it for a long time. Owned since new and don't put many miles on it - not even at 10k yet! So I need a workable plan.

I saw that someone mentioned (around post 105) that one can actually use a separate phone cable and a 3.5mm plug and it will work. But has this been verified in BMWs?

Alternately, the high quality BT device seems pretty smart, though then Ill have to add a charger separately. Because it is wireless, I assume there is no chance of ground loops or anything like that? How about sound quality? Some tests have found the iPhone headphone DAC to be quite good.

And the posts on here seem to indicate that the better BT units do well.

How about the Apple lightning adapter? it has a DAC, but Ive heard it isn't as good.

So, recommendations? My car doesn't have BT of any sort, though Ive been toying with the idea of retrofitting it if I can...