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Originally Posted by aozer View Post
Cars really arenít shit in the long run. Sometimes itís nice to have a beater that you donít care about. Iím looking at finding a cheap daily because Iím kind of sick of daily driving my 235i worrying about door dings, rock chips and all that shit.
that's what's going to happen from this point forward, to repair my dumbass's mistake of backing into a column (left quarter panel is FUCKED) they're asking $2500; might as well be care free...

Originally Posted by OnerDriver View Post
That's how it works, your car is valued by as much as it can fetch in auction. There's a little wiggle room but it won't be anywhere close to what you paid for it.

Might consider selling it privately first.

PS: with 12,500 you could've bought a nice bimmer.
im going to put it up on clist and whatnot, if i can sell it so be it but if not i'm not going to do much about it either.

and yes, for $12500 i could've done a nice bmw, but this was the first ever car i bought. hella mistakes were made, but i think i learned from them so it's cool

still not nice though
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In fact, I was young, dumb and full of cum but emptied quite often.
Appreciate 1