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Originally Posted by Bayerische Motoren Werke View Post
remember i was going to bloomington to "look at a car" (also, texted jade yesterday on asking about plath, no response so i feel like she wanted me to run away actually, 10/10)?

i got $3500 trade in value on the current condition of the car i paid $12500 7 months ago. so guess what? yourboi is left without a BMW in each continent he calls home (boo hoo, i know), left without a redhead hottie but also left with a beater. nice! (just wanted to vent im still in shock)
That's how it works, your car is valued by as much as it can fetch in auction. There's a little wiggle room but it won't be anywhere close to what you paid for it.

Might consider selling it privately first.

PS: with 12,500 you could've bought a nice bimmer.
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