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Testing Scope For F20/21 Lci Halogen Headlight To Xenon Projector With Angel Eyes/cor

Hi All,

Testing the water on the following. I have previously changed cars basic halogens to Xenons the correct way using projectors. I have recently purchased a F20 LCI 116D as I am commuting too and from work and previously I had an Audi S3 which was not doing my wallet much good in petrol. Now what I wish I had and I am sure a lot of people are the same, I wish I had Corona Rings, especially the new flat bottom ones. They look amazing.

So I am just seeing if people would be interested in the following service and I will set up a proper trading account.

I will take an original halogen set of headlights. Fit angel eyes/corona rings (proper glass/plastic effect ones that give off one light, not the cheap LED ones from ebay:

I will also fit dipped/main beam projectors in the dipped beam slot. This will mean the shutter that creates the cut off line will move out of the way when the main beam is activated.

The bulb placed within the dipped beam is up to the customer. They can stay with halogens and have a set of Phillips white vision or they can have a choice of Xenon kits. Personally I would go for 4300k but that is there choice. Finally in the main beam a set of Phillips White Visions will be placed in there.

This will all pass an MOT providing you adjust the heights correctly upon fitting as the MOT test rules mean you can not fail if washer system and self leveller are not present, only if they fail. Trust me on this as I previously fitted a set to my Clio 197 which passed, the same garage hten failed my S3 as one of my headlight washers was stuck so did not spray one headlight.

Now the important part, prices:

Initial Charge: 649
Xenon Kit: 50 extra

400 refund on return of set of headlights

However upon return of a perfect set of halogens I will refund 400. If they are not perfect or faulty in anyway they will be returned to the seller and not refunded. If they are repairable or just dirty then fair deductions will be made with photographic evidence.

Let me know your thoughts.

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