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Originally Posted by jprooney View Post
Well i don't think the next 1M (M2) will have a smaller engine than the out coming M135, it just wouldn't make sense and more important it will cause problems with potential buyers regarding exhaust notes, maybe the M135 would end being more tunable because of it being an I6 instead of an I4 and many other things.
I'd lay odds on the M2 having a twin-turbo 4 cyl engine....and being very light.

The forthcoming AMG version of the new A-Class is going to have a tuned 2.0L 4 cyl turbo engine......reputably with around 330hp and 300lbs/ well as a Haldex awd system.

......"The A45 AMG is powered by a heavily revised version of the 2.0-litre turbo four that lesser A Classes will use, AMG's big guns assured us that the A45 will a) have the highest specific output of ANY car, eclipsing even the McLaren 12C, which points to around 330bhp b) more than 300lb ft of torques and c) will sound ruddy marvellous, despite its cylinder deficit. Over to Fritz Eichler, AMG's head of powertrain. ‘The sound our cars make is hugely important, we know that. Which is why I've said to my guys, "I want this thing to sound like a Rory Gallagher guitar solo".' This is our sort of analogy........"
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