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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Very interesting point indeed. I never really understood what was going on about that since from the photo you posted the 332 Kw engine was a US specific 1M. If what you say happens than it also means that we will have a new version of N54 and not a N55 in those future M cars. I am not going to be surprised if one day BMW reveals a one off test car with that monster N54 the version which was dropped for production.
That screen shot of mine was just a listing of various engines(nee... SW tunes) that BMW made for the (future) US market. Nothing is set in stone... as we can see some of these engines never made it to "us".

We do know the 1M came with 250 Kw (340 PS) from the factory. We did not know what it would have at the time I posted that screen shot.

We know that BMW will bring us the 135iS with 320 HP. (not 306 PS like in this screen shot).

We know the next M3 will have a turbocharged six cylinder engine. Not sure on how many turbos - though. Two or three(electrically driven)?

What I wonder is... the current e92/e93 M3 will cease production late this year(Oct/'12). And the 1M production is almost finished with(so BMW says?).

So what small sporty car will BMW tout as the replacement "halo" car until the next M3 comes out in two years time? Z4M ? The current Z4is35 already is powered by the same engine the 1M has. SO that would not make any sense.

Maybe drop the 1M (Z4is35)engine into the X3 ??? I sure hope they do not do that.

The future M lineup just does not make any sense to me in the near future. I understand where they are going with the next M3 and M2 models. But I don't understand why they would stop building 1M's - when they are selling like crazy and filling a "void" by the soon to be departed e9x M3.


What car will //M have to show off what the M brand is about - for the next few years until the next M3 comes out>?

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