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This time round could we also expect to see an M2, M2 CSL and possibly an M2 GTS? Given that they will have had time to develop the model series unlike the 1M.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
  • Next generation 1M (based on F20 1-series) potentially renamed M2 because BMW considering renaming sporty 1-series variants (coupe/cabrio) to 2-series
  • Next 1M (or M2) and next M3 to possibly receive more focused special editions (i.e. track/lightweight special models)
    • Many feel that the M Division has become too focused with luxury and these additional 1M and M3's will set the bar for more focused compact and premium entry sports cars as well as their standard luxury siblings.
  • Next 1M (or M2) to be powered by 4-cylinder
  • Next M3 to be powered by 6-cylinder
  • Next 1M (or M2) could come in more variants - coupe and cabrio
  • M3 production ends in mid-late 2012 meaning no M3's until 2014
    • Possible Z4M or X3M to fill the temporary gap, using upgraded engine from 1M coupe

Granted, this was a long time ago, but at least it shows what BMW M are thinking.

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