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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
Please don t believe everything Scott writes. He has been wrong a few times. He likes to hype the internet. I have listen a few times to him but i stopped reading his posts.

Last thing bmw wants is a high power 4 cil turbo with a lot of lag. If you want a lot of horse power out of a 4 cil engine you need bigger turbo s and that means more lag. A new M2 needs at least 350hp to make sales over a M135i.

Why is the 1M that good because it has almost the throttle response of a normal aspirated engine. A lot of base power is already coming from the 3.0 6 cil. The boost is not that high. Then you a get a nice throttle response.

I have driven/owned evo s and subaru s with 350hp and that is a lot throttle lag compared to the 1M.

I don t think bmw is going to develop a new ///M engine for the M2. They want to make money. The M2 is not the car which have the sales of an M3/M4 so if they want to make money of it it needs to be a partly parts bin car like the 1M is. That s not a bad thing like we all know now!!!

I think the best way is to put in detuned M3/M4 engine in it with aproxx 350hp.

First of all why does the 1M exist.

Because it uses a lot of parts from the M3 E92. Complete new development of an 1M would never happen. It all about the money guys. I think the same counts for M2. Maybe they use the same engine of the 1M and rework it to get better co2 and add 10hp.

I do think they are testing a 4 cil in an M2. But after a few back to back tests with an 1M they know which way to go.
Agree with everything you say. And yes, 'Scott2x' has been wrong on so many things over the yrs/over the various forums, that at best his success rate is 50%, and for the things he is right about, those have generally been spilled by the auto press already...
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