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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
Maybe they use the same engine of the 1M and rework it to get better CO2 and add 10hp.
Porsche holds a patent for that method.

The following ///M info trickled down from the new BMW M boss in July 2011 ( +

"New M3 leads M Car boom
The next flagship BMW 3 Series will be powered by an amazing 450bhp tri-turbo engine
Get ready for a boom in M cars. The boss of BMW’s M Division, Dr Friedrich Nitschke, has confirmed that a raft of new models wearing the famous badge is on the way – with the M2 to be joined by a powerful M3 and a successor to the M1 supercar.
“Our pace of development must accelerate,” he told Auto Express in an exclusive interview. “We can build more cars, and we can build a wider range of cars.”
The new flagship 3 Series is due in 2014, and will feature a fresh 3.3-litre six-cylinder engine. This is set to get three turbos – one powered by electricity, rather than the exhaust gases – and is rumoured to offer 450bhp. A mix of steel and ultra-light carbon fibre-reinforced plastic in the body will help deliver huge pace.
But as Nitschke revealed, the car will also be efficient. “There will be a bigger focus on very low fuel consumption,” he said. “The new M3 will prove this.” However, this more eco-friendly approach won’t dilute the M Division’s high-performance appeal – as a replacement for the M1 supercar is finally coming close to reality.
This has been on the drawing board for more than 11 years, but only now does technology allow it to deliver the pace drivers would demand. “We have a fantastic history with the M1,” Dr Nitschke said. “The decision on developing this car is open. We’d love to do it.”
There’s no word on engines – but it would need a V10 or V12 to compete with rivals from Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. If the project gets the green light, it’s unlikely to arrive before 2016.
The company is also looking at a successor to the ‘breadvan’ – the Nineties Z3M Coupe. “There’s no decision on an M version of the Z4,” added Dr Nitschke, “but this is something we could do easily.”
In addition, he spelled out a keenness for the M Division to “increase the speed with which we launch new models”. A lighter ‘CSL’ version of the new 1 Series M Coupe is on the cards, which could take cues from 2007’s tii concept."

"Next BMW M3 to get triple-turbo six
The BMW M3 has grown cylinders over the years like a pubescent pre-teen grows in height. What started out with an inline-four then grew into a straight-six for two generations before packing a V8 into the current model. The next one is expected to set to drop a couple of combustion chambers and go back to a single bank, but don't think for one minute that'll mean a drop in performance.
According to the rumormongers at AutoExpress, the next-generation M3, due sometime around 2014 after the new 3 Series comes along, will pack – wait for it – a triple-turbo straight-six. The innovative arrangement will reportedly include two conventional spools powered off exhaust gases and a third electric turbocharger. Total output could be around 450 horsepower – a bump over the current V8 model's 414 hp – with even more carbon fiber bits than the CRT edition pictured above to help keep weight down.
Not exciting enough? BMW's M division has plenty more in the cards, potentially including an oft-rumored new M1 supercar and, once the 1 Series M Coupe is done its production run, a lightweight CSL version. An M version of the Z4 is also under consideration, but of course nothing final until the cars make their debuts."

So actually, the 1M is some sort of new underpowered M3 CSL.
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