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I'm not a troll - just having a discussion here. You could've just corrected me and left it at that. As I said in my post "to my knowledge" That means I'm open to correction if I'm wrong, and that there was a possibility of it.

But instead you try to start something. Way to try and troll out of nowhere idiot Cant we just have a talk anymore on these forums?

Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post

For being the #1 1M troll, you should know more about BMW and the 1M. There is no 2012 US 1M because BMWNA didn't want to homologate a 2012 MY for such a low production number that was offered to them by BMW and not due to any emissions regulations. I'm pretty sure CAFE standards are based on emissions by vehicle type and not by engine.

The 2012 Z4is indeed has the N54. BMW uses "Twin Power Turbo" designation for both twin turbo and twin scoll. Also, the N54 has only Double VANOS and the N55 has both Double VANOS and Valvetronic. Go triple check the BMW website and RealOEM website.

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