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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
Originally Posted by ///M TOWN View Post
They're now at a total loss.

Either out of pocket or they have a loan to payoff.

this will have to be out of pocket - Drowning your BMW because you want a Jaguar isn't a named peril.

Intentional damage is Not a covered loss under most insurance.

Originally Posted by Klerin View Post
and here I am telling my son that if he does well in school and is respectful and responsible, I may buy him a Honda Civic to send him to college. and a $4k one at that. he's gotta earn his own things.

wth is a parent doing buying their 22 year old a $40k car? maybe that's where the issue lays?
yep... and here is where the REAL test comes.. now that this one is destroyed..... will the parents make him walk... forever...? until he can afford to buy his own car?

Originally Posted by J-RO View Post
Make him drive a smart car.
normally.. I would say that is too generous.... but in this case.. perhaps a direct hit to the ego is the way to go.
Witnesses saw him pushing it into the river.

Sooo his Attempt to Fraud his insurance company also went down the river.