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Originally Posted by orcomma View Post
I actually have high hopes for my local dealer because we had a good dialogue over the rear-shockers issue, in the end they admitted they didnt know about the PUMA and only found it after I asked them to check the database. 10/10 for honesty. fixed the knocking like a charm

Makes me think that if I walked in and said "my derv sounds a bit chainy at the back, I read online of an updated 2012+ PUMA for it within the EU, please could you do the honours" they would check and fix without hassle (nice bit of paid labour for them)

The thought of the cost of replacing the chain at the required interval though does make me want to get rid of before its due. Also I just re-did the mental arithmetic and it is in fact 21 months of warranty left not 15! so im even more comfortable with that (plus my driving is about 60% motorway on cruise control - no stop-start jerky stresses for the chain).
I don't intend to treat mine overly gently, I don't abuse my cars but I'll use it as intended and if it goes or get's unbearably loud. I'll be in a dealership desk banging until something gets done about it.