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Originally Posted by Bob UK View Post
According to the PUMA cars built after about mid 2011 have no risk of timing chain breaking as modified parts should already be fitted so unlikely to get any joy under warranty. I suspect the noise is actually an auxilliary belt and is normal but I'm keeping an ear on it for changes.
True in the UK

However EU PUMAs appear to acknowledge a separate issue in post-2011 N47s involving the timing chain guides - see here

This French PUMA dated 14/12/2012 has a new "case 3":

Case 3:

For N47T engine part products from 01.03.2011 and engines already repaired with rails deguidage without reinforcements.

In case of customer complaint, replace the following parts:

- 11 31 8 506 652 chain below.

- 13 52 7 797 906 sprocket for driving the oil pump.

- 11 31 8 510 014 upper chain.

- 13 52 8 573 158 guide rail for lower chain.

- 13 52 8 573 159 rail for timing chain tensioner below.
Compared to the numerous DPF issues that my VAG TDI-CR mates engines have had, and the swirlflap issues with the old M47, I still rate the N47 as a cracking diesel - although whoever decided to put the timing chain at the back needs shooting.
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