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Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
My experience is mostly from the previous generation BMWs like E87, E90 and E60. I know a lot of owners through the Norwegian BMW club, and there has been quite a lot of issues with these when you get the combination of cold winter and short trips. I hope the engineers have sold most of it now, since my 116i has a lot of the same technology as in the the turbo diesels.... :-)
Big issues with diesels in the UK when used for short trips and what we term the school run. Not just BMW, but across the manufacturers.

Winter doesn't help either, with slow engine warm up times on diesel engines. All a bit of a gamble, but DPF issues, crankcase ventilation blockages, EGR problems, VGT (VNT) vane seizures, and a lots of carbon in the engines all fit the short trip, cold use.

Petrol engines are not ideal for this use either, but do stand a better chance of longevity without issues.