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I don't get this recurring argument of petrol beeing beneficial over diesel when doing short trips? I do loads of short trips where the engine is barely even heated up before I turn it off again. Exactly what problems am I supposed to experience?

I'm having the same driving patterns as with my previous petrol-car and they behave the same way... There is only one difference I can notice, it's the fact that I have to wait a staggering 1-2 seconds for the engine to start after I press the start-button when it's cold outside

who knows, perhaps there has been issues with diesels and short trips in history but they don't seem to apply these days, I'm doing my second winter now with the 120d, no problems so far.

Imo diesel vs petrol is only about personal preference. What kind of engine character one prefer, how many kms you do, whether mpg is of any importance, engine sound etc. Those kind of factors. hufc2002 I think you've done the right decision. Keep your car with your mind at ease