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Originally Posted by Faust View Post
I don't quite get it. Scott26 never mentioned a RWD sedan on the current platform. Instead he mentioned a FWD sedan of the next generation 1-Series and a RWD 2-Series Gran Coupe. Which platform this will be based on? And what is the point to arrive around 2015 since in theory there will also be a 2-Series Gran Coupe M AND a FWD 1-Series sedan? Confusing stuff.
I could've sworn that Scott26 mentioned a M2 Grand Coupe as the competitor for the CLA45AMG and S3...

I was always under the impression that BMW was considering using the 2 series as the basis for the sub 3er four door since it would utilize RWD. I really can't see BMW developing a FWD ///M car. That just doesn't make sense.
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