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Originally Posted by Mr. Nice View Post
it was for the 1M
The 1M's engine:

- Only adds a paltry 5 hp compared to the stock N54 fitted to the Z4 35is (even basic aftermarket tunes for the N54 make more than the stock 1M's power)

- Isn't a true M-developed engine, evidenced by the fact that its engine code is N54, not S something. Like most of the car, it's a parts bin raid of other vehicles. It's still an outstanding finished product, but that doesn't change its underpinnings.

I doubt BMW will get 300hp out of the N20 with nothing but a tune. Sure, aftermarket tuners may pull it off, but they don't have the same breadth of concerns that BMW does in terms of warranty, longevity, operating environments, dealing with customers who don't properly maintain their car and then want BMW to foot the bill for repair, etc.

Take a look at the differences between the M50/S50, M52/S52, and M54/S54 engines, or even the N63/S63 engines in the FI camp to see what I'm talking about. M doesn't make an M engine by adjusting a tune and calling it a day.
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