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To the OP, nice Q car. Congrats.

Originally Posted by BM635 View Post
Thanks for clarifying the fact that those are run-flats. I have PZeros (non RF) on my RS6 and C63, works great on both cars, so wouldn't mind getting them for the M135i as well, if the new generation RF are similar in ride comfort and handling to the non RF.

Actually they're not even close imo.

I ordered my F30 335i without RFTs (I had 4 BMWs with RFTs before and I sometimes switched them because of the noise/harsh ride) but my salesperson told me this is the last generation Bridgestone S001 RFT(19 inch) no worries blabla.

IF I'm not going to order a F20/21(kids) M135i 8AT , I'm going to switch to Pilot Supersports this spring. The S001s are rather sporty and precise, but still harsh and NOISY as hell! Within a few weeks I put Conti (RFT...) wintertyres on , I guess they will be a tad less noisy.

That's why I want to ask M135i drivers: How is the ride/noise?
I'm planning to drive one nov. 28th...

The non RF Michelin SuperSport is the best tyre atm. It suits the 135 very well. I just order the small pump with the non rf package and that's it.