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Couple of Questions before adding Xenons to my M-Sport Order?

Hi Guys,

I've been advised that not having Xenons in my F20 order is a big

So I'm considering having them as part of my order. So I've spoken to my dealer and it looks like I can still add them to my car.

I have some serious budget constraints so I need to be absolutely sure I need to have Xenons: So a couple of Questions before i take the plunge:

1) Do they really make a difference to the car's looks?

2) How Much more enhanced are the cars looks because of the Xenons? Are these really "must-haves"?

3) Are there any other benefits for having Xenons? If you can mention all the benefits, it would be awesome

4) Most importantly, how will this affect my RFI date? My order was placed on 02-Aug-2012 and the current RFI is 21-Nov-2012? Are talking a few days, weeks or months more?