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Hold the bus HGR...If 97% of Non-Verbal-Behavior is missing in a Phone Call, then not a lot is left in text form. I own a K20 that revs to the moon... What I'm trying to say is Honda is behind, and Honda needs to pull their head out of their ass, while they can still take that respect to the bank. Honda has killed the car line, as well as almost every car worthy of the name. They were fools not to crank up the boost, and stuff that SH-AWD K23 Turbo Drivetrain from the RDX into the TSX... Fools! I'm sure BMW has learned more from Honda, then they might ever admit, but maybe Honda might now try do the same, by give the people what they are now buying elsewhere.

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Easy now killer, BMW is good, but there is NOTHING negative to be said about Honda engines. AND never forget that Honda has resisted the trend of turbo charging thier four bangers even in the midst of the GTi, MS3, Srt4, Cobalt, etc, while still being competitive to that segment.
If anything, Honda could show BMW a thing or two.