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Originally Posted by GiofromNJ View Post
i have a good one -- after using a dating site; i went on one date. the girl looked in her pics to be attractive, had a decent bio and the discussion before the date was quite good.

after pulling into the parking lot...i sat down on the bench out front of the restaurant b/c i was a few minutes early.

a woman was walking towards me - who, at first glance looked like the person i was talking to via the site...but this person was very...very pregnant.

she was 8 months pregnant. didn't know the father b/c she 'was on a bender with a few of her friends and slept with someone at a house party'. how did i find this out you ask? i had appetizers with her b/c a) i told her i'd go on a date with her (prior to knowing the whole baby thing) and b) i had to know the story.

after apps, we parted ways. i paid the bill, and share the story with anyone who thought online dating was a good idea. lol
Wow, I would have rolled out & not done the date. I DEFINITELY would NOT have paid for her shit.

I've run into a few prego women on POF over the years. Thankfully, it was known via their profile so I didn't even bother talking to them.

However, if all it took was one skank to make you say online dating, as a whole, is bad then no bueno...