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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
As far as MEB, the rationale seems to be to increase economies of scale. This article has a little info:

Another thing is, the sooner more affordable EVs come the market, the more attractive it is for investments from others in charging tech, battery tech, etc. which benefits VW. It also benefits their competitors of course, but they already know they are not going to be the only player in the game anyway.

If not for Diesel-gate, I'm not even sure MEB would exist right now. If VW does indeed succeed in transforming themselves into an electric mobility company, decades from now that event may very well be looked back upon as a one that was significant in the shift toward EV adoption.
Interesting thought that MEB rose from ashes of Dieselgate. I've never liked VWs approach with the MQB concept. I understand the business concept of it, but I think it leads to compromised cars. Computer-aided chassis control has led the industry to bypass great chassis engineering for dynamic control since now individual braking and power are available to each tire, which compensates for mediocre chassis design.

EVs are better suited to use of a common platform, so it makes sense. The Art has just moved to a different genre.