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Originally Posted by Wivenhoe View Post
Well the strategy worked for me. I have just ordered my first BMW after previously buying 6 Mercedes from new. Their delivery time on an E300e was 8+ months, options all packaged up so you have to pay for options you donít want or need to get those you want. Options such as HUD or massage seats no longer available. Restricted exterior and interior colours.

The dealer did his best to retain my business but accepted the product was just not competitive against the 530e - I got £ 10k discount which was about the same Mercedes would offer so they couldnít even tempt with a better deal. The px offer on my E350e was the same at the BMW dealer as Merc offered.
When I bought my 530e (December 2017 delivery) the Merc wasn't even being sold in the US (I am not whether or not it is sold here now). But all the reviews had the 530e way better than the Merc version. So I think you made a good decision.

I love my HUD. I would not buy another car without one.

Welcome to the BMW PHEV crowd and enjoy it.