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I'll share one of the threesome stories. More of my 20s.....
Another chick from Myspace that I would have come over for ass when I was horny. This went on for at least a couple months. Then, at some point, she mentioned some friend. Told her bring the friend over, we'll all play pool & shit. (Having a pool table really is a good gimmick to get laid. It still is to this day actually FYI)

So they both come over one night. We're drinking, bsing & playing pool. My fuck buddy takes a bathroom break & the friend comes on to me. Well, shit, life is about to get awesome.

Friend comes back out so I make it a party. I put the friend on the pool table & proceed to eat some pussy while the other girl is on her knees sucking my dick.

Moves to my bedroom upstairs & I have em eat each other out while I bang em from behind then blah blah more sex till it's over. Again, I miss my 20s...
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