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I want this thread to succeed, but since my life prior to meeting my wife has closely mirrored what I remember from that movie - 40 Year Old Virgin, I don't really have much to contribute.

I do remember from the online dating site I was on that if the women only had headshots up that I could reasonably expect them to be overweight, based on a few experiences. Though it still amazed me, how from a headshot perspective this could be concealed.

The only thing that I think I might have done, and if so, this was pretty cold...I'm really not certain, was one that totally looked different than her profile pic. When we met and I realized this was one and the same person, I might have just told her this wasn't going to work and walked.

I'm not sure though, it would be pretty cold and I'm a reasonably nice guy in life, but in the back of my mind I feel like it might have happened. Was very long ago though.

The Good:
I met my wife online. Took a while sorting through all the other profiles, and it was only because her sister dared her to put up a profile. I think she was up there for all of two weeks before we met for coffee and hit it off.

Also newsworthy - I don't drink coffee. Or tea, or anything hot really. But managed to choke down a cup to look like a normal person on our first meeting. After I knew I had her interest, I let my true colours shine, fortunately, she didn't run away.

I'm trying to think of when we met...we are coming up on 9 years in October, and I think we dated for about 3 years before getting married, so I guess we met when we were 24/25.

But I totally believe everyone about the current dating pool - one of my best friends is single and hates it. I feel bad for him - it is probably only going to get worse, until you get old enough to find the widows, divorced because cheated on, etc. But that's probably mid - late 40's window I'm guessing.
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