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Originally Posted by CTinline-six View Post

All the bad experiences were from online dating. The girls never matched their pictures, ever. One was clearly married (had her ring on and later admitted to it) which I got up and left that one. The others I simply left the date a little earlier and never spoke to again. Do they think people won't notice they look COMPLETELY different? Others left out that they had kids. It's not that I'm so against people who have kids, but if you are willing to lie about that, it's a huge turn off.


Sophomore year of college. I commuted so knew basically nobody from campus or any of my classes. I was paired with a cute girl for Chemistry lab, and we exchanged contact info as part of the requirements for lab. She texted me a few days later about meeting up. I was going through a lot mentally at the time, so I kind of brushed it off and gave a vague answer, thinking she wanted to probably meet about the lab work. A few days later on a snowy night we met for dinner, and had an awesome conversation. We walked back in the snow to her apartment and it was the best night of my life. She was such an awesome person both physically and mentally. We dated for several months before she ended up moving to another state 1000s of miles away. We are still good friends to this day.
The Bad: I've experienced this myself. Usually because they are way more overweight than what they want to admit. Never had anyone lie about kids. Those that are married are usually only looking for one thing.

The Good: That's awesome! I've met a handful of ladies like this that I still stay in touch with. There are only a few of my ex's that I refuse to have any contact with. Most I'm still relatively close with. I actually bumped into one of my more recent ex's yesterday in the grocery store and we talked for quite a while. I try not to give anyone a reason to have negative feelings toward me after it's over.