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Originally Posted by BMW-RaceR View Post
Since the M135I have 320hp and 450NM. The proper M car will most likely have more HP. Say 340+. And probably more NM as well.

Having more than 125HP /L in a modern NA engine is not very realistic.
Neither is a NA 2,8L++ 4 or 5 cylinder.
NA (3L straight six) is probably out of the question due to emissions. And it would not be that easy to beat the engine in the M135I due to its torque numbers.

So we are back at 4,5 or 6 cylinder turbo engines.
Upcoming M3 will probably be 3L I6 with about 450HP.
150HP pr L
0,5L cylinder volume
75HP per cylinder.
That is roughly where good modern turbocharging technology is in terms of high output.

We might see a 2L Subaru engine with 300HP next year..
But not likely BMW will bother with a I4 2.0L turbo at 340HP++. Would probably be very expensive to make compared to I6 which is BMWs thing. It would most likely sound worse compared to M135I. And it would probably need to have 350++ hp to "compensate" for the lack of torque from the lower displacement compared to M135I. I think that will be a bit too much HP with todays technology from a 2L.
If they made a I4 2,2L it would be easier to make about 350HP and some decent torque for a modern M car. But not very likely.

0,5L per cylinder seems to BMWs thing. So is straight six. But im hoping and thinking one or more of the 3-cylinder engines will come in the 2-series. Would be funny if BMW made a new 2,5L I5 turbo for the M2. Chopped of one sylinder from the new M3.

M135I have 1 normal twinscroll turbo.
Im putting my money on a 3L straight six twinturbo for M2 (One electric turbo or someting for minimal lag?)
Maybe tri-turbo for M3 (one electric turbo or something for minimal lag?)
I totally agree with this post. Particularly, on the 4 cylinder expectations which have no base so far. It is not economical, practical therefore not realistic for BMW to develop a good enough "M" 4 cylinder turbo engine. They already have very efficient N54 and N55 examples, coming from signature I6 tradition and ready to be developed further, polished without much cost and difficulty.

I am yet to see a single (fully stock) 1M dynoing less than 550 nm (410 lb.ft) of torque and less than around 350-360 bhp which will be quite "difficult" to match for any 2 liter/4 cylinder engine. And I assume BMW will not bring us a totally stripped E46 M3 CSL style car as the new M2 to the market, just to compensate the lack of displacement and power. It will have all the modern goodies and will weigh close to a 1M, maybe slightly lighter, that's all. The same will go for new M3/M4.

If you want a totally light and super efficient rwd sports car alternative, like me, wait for cars like Alfa 4C which may hit the markets including US even before than a possibly 2014 if not 2015 model M2, news tell us to expect a 4C around a year from now. It will have around 250 hp from a 1.7 liter turbo four, weigh a crazy 900 kg. or less (oh yes), rwd, mid engine, CF chassis and body parts, DCT transmission and bold styling inside outside with a price tag similar to a future M2 which should also mimic a 1M. All these are confirmed by Alfa. Otherwise everyone, if you want to stick with BMW then BMW is already telling us how a M2 will be if you read between the lines and watch closely the M135i or 1M.This road is going to only one direction and I don't see any lightweight turbo-4 M car at the end of it.
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