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Originally Posted by ilikebmxbikes View Post
I love the subaru wrx exhaust notes. That aside, I have mixed feelings about the m2 being a four cylinder. With our 1M/135's comfortably tuned to 350-380whp going to any car tuned below that might not be as enjoyable at this point.

I am strongly considering a m2 as I want to step up in performance/driving enjoyment and I hope that an M tuned 4 cylinder can deliver that.
I think the easily obtainable big HP days will soon be a thing of the past. It is fairly amazing when you think about how easy it is to get the n54 engine north of 400 WHP and have the power delivery and behavior of the car still be a comfortable and predictable daily driver.

You can squeeze that type of performance out of a turbo charged 4 cylinder, it just requires bigger turbos which leads to more lag and running out of revs. Maybe BMW will do a dual stage turbo setup to deal with this and still allow for 350+ WHP. We'll have to see, either way I'll be holding on to my 1M for a while.
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