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Originally Posted by firechicken99 View Post
Wow an "extensively reworked and re-inforced N55 Six Cylinder"....
Mind you, we were closing to getting the N55 engine for the 1M. Time was of the essence for developing the 1M. Valvetronic issues spoiled the party and led to shelving the initial plan for the 1M: exit N55 - enter N54. The next gen M3 will get the N55 engine (or the N55 serves at least "as basis" for it).

"We had initially toyed with the idea of a 1M when we were conceiving the Coupe and did work with evaluation models then using the engine from the E46 and the upgraded E46 CSL engine but it proved to be too heavy for the car. [...] The initial engine proposal [for the 1M] was the N55 but they were having issues that cannot be solved within the time window. BMW greenlit this car in July 2009, now over a year later we see it as it [is] intended, although testing still commences until the launch. Valvetronic was the main cause of the time delay but BMW have spent some time on this and are using the N55 as a basis for the next M3."

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