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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
Based off what is bolded, you only own an iPhone because you don't want to seem poor or ignorant; you're a sheep. I bet you think you're better than those poor folks who drive around in Honda's and Toyota's too huh? Grow up. Your opinion means shit to anyone. NEXT.
No, based on "thebmw"s post, and your post, I'm making a point about people who makes such clueless, wrong, empty arguments (Apple intentionally made batteries failed, my pixel has more features etc)
I don't think I'm better than anyone or anyone is better than me. I'm giving factual statistics. Most highly educated people, or people who make more money use iPhones. But that doesn't make them better, considering you are probably wealthy and educated, so is 'thebmw.'
Neither of you have any arguments against the facts that I have stated. Just personal attacks and trolling, which what I was expecting.
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