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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
Actually it’s more about education, style, taste, etc.
Tasteless and uneducated or financially restricted people are most likely to buy Android devices which are ugly, unsecure, sluggish, unsophisticated except maybe a few models like Pixel 4.
No one cares that you have an iPhone or a Masters, pipe down. My $300 Pixel 3a has features your $1000+ iPhone doesn't have... Based off what is bolded, you only own an iPhone because you don't want to seem poor or ignorant; you're a sheep. I bet you think you're better than those poor folks who drive around in Honda's and Toyota's too huh? Grow up. Your opinion means shit to anyone. NEXT.

Back on topic, I'm really interested to see if an updated version of iDrive 6 will be rolled out to former customers enabling us to use AA.