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Blame it all on Porsche

They started this with their 'on steroids' off roader, so everyone else had to provide their own versions. V10 diesels from Audi, Supercharged or turbocharged V8s (everybody)

99% of these 'go fast' show ponies will never go really 'off road'.

We refer to them as 'Torak Tractors' here

Sport (GT) should never had been associated with off road (rally excepted).

Perhaps a new letter for these all wheel drive monsters like R for rediculous, or S for Stupid would be work better

I have never come accross a naturally occurring race track in the bush

I am sure that even if there were naturally occurring race track in the bush none of these Steroid SUVs would ever go on it, as the owners would not want them sratched or damaged.
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