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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
M Products are proven purely by demand and if you compare 10 years back to today the market is more expansive for M Products and that is the sign of progress for the entire industry.
BMW M could not just survive with two models the M3 and M5 they had to expand that is why from 2005 the first expansion model the M6 came because there was demand from other markets for a high end performance model from BMW M.

As I mentioned a four is being considered but seems the more logical choice (in theory) in overall placement.

Now you know I always credit you more rather than register my dislike of your work. However that M2 or 2er? render makes me wretch like Chris Brown's music. This is what you should be looking at in terms of outline but not necessary the details but the headlights could be interesting...

Acknowledgement to

I am not so hung up on the additional ///M models--just as long as each performs in the segment it was intended to lead. I believe, 4 banger, I6 or whatever, that the M2 will be an improvement over the 1M in many aspects. It should be lighter, quicker, more nimble, and at least as powerful.

I am honestly more concerned about how "available" the M2 car will be. I find it quite funny that BMW makes a 1M, calls it an entry level car, and then only makes 1-2 per dealer here in the USA. How in the hell is a normal person supposed to be able to obtain one when BMW has artifically set the market in that manner? Entry level became MSRP + pick your amount of dealer mark-up. I understand that each dealer has the ability to do this, and it makes sense when the number of available 1Ms is so low. It just flies in the face of "entry level" and somewhat available.

I would think that I am exactly the kind of person that BMW would want to purchase a 1M--I come from a family of BMW lovers (E46s and E90s), my dad had the best ever pure M car (2007 M coupe) that I've ever driven and I have had E92s and E82s myself. I had money in hand and was ready to make a terrible financial decision in order to get a 1M (that's how badly I wanted one), but I was unable to make it happen...

Yes, the folks on this page will point out that there were opportunities to get a 1M build slot and many were able to purchase one for MSRP. I commend those folks, but I was not so lucky. All in all, based on that, I am afraid to be in the same position a few years from now when the M2 is finally here...and as such, I am looking to other options (TTRS, A class AMG, Cayman) when I could have been hooked on ///M for life, like my dad is...

All in all, I believe that folks like myself represent a lost opportunity for BMW, and if that lost opportunity resulted because of a marketing strategy instead of making cars available to those who wanted them (as mentioned in previous posts), then I might move away from BMW based purely on principle. Marketing has never sold me or my family on one of the Bimmers we have had. It has always been the feel of the thing. You may get more volume out of said marketing strategy...but you will never regain the loyalty of those customers that helped make your company what it is today. No matter how many commercials you make.

Just my $.02
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