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Hi everyone, not sure if anyone has a solution for this, think it's been mentioned in the thread but can't find any answers to a fix.

I've recently installs an android 10 10.25 head unit, think I've got everything set up correctly on it but I've noticed when I switch back from the android side to the idrive side it's always on a different screen (almost as if my idrive controller is still controlling the idrive screen behind the android side)
I've noticed a lot of the time I switch across to the idrive side I'm on the 'Tone' menu and all the settings in there are reset.

Is it possible I'm controlling it in the background behind the android side? Or have I got something set up wrong like the CAN Protocol? ( when setting up initially I noticed changing the CAN Protocol altered which menu I would be on when switching back from android to iDrive)

I've tried swapping choices on CAN Protocol and Car Display to see if anything fixed the problem bit I can't figure it out

Any help would be appreciated