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Originally Posted by Estoril Blue 116d View Post
So what did my car have before I installed this fake CIC?
NBT or CIC interface defines what this thing (which is not a fake NBT or CIC itself - it's a "fake" display for those) is compatible with to retain the car's infotainment functionality. That is, you don't lose your iDrive display to reset your tyre pressure control system, for instance, when you replace the factory display with it. If it fails to comply it will be essentially the same as a smartphone or a navigation device - detached from your car but replacing the display you actually want to retain.

Your car had (and still has - you didn't remove it, I suppose?) a Radio BMW Professional infotainment, not a CIC retrofitted - the unit you pictured.

It made me wonder how iDrive and steering wheel controls happened to work with this thing seamlessly: no way the car's factory display processed user input , of course it was only a display! Now I guess I see: they intercept the input signals on their way to the car's head unit and display the response from either the car or the device itself depending on your current view.

So I have a few integration questions, just from curiosity :
  • Does touchscreen work with the iDrive menu?

  • Once you've used iDrive or steering wheel buttons with this device (whatever Android application) and you turn back to displaying your iDrive menu - does the menu remain the same you left turning to the application or has it responded to your user input in the background?

  • Can you play music on both the car's head unit and this device simultaneously? Will you hear a mix?

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