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The X2 pricing is nuts, you can go well north of $50k quickly. Yesterday I took my M4 to the Dealer for an oil change and wandered around the showroom. There was an M2 on their floor with an $80k + sticker price, more than I paid for my M4, go figure.... They had an X1 nicely equipped for $46k, my point is that BMW pricing is forcing me to look elsewhere for a vehicle that will fit my needs for work related tasks. One thing that I have noticed in my research is that most of the vehicles I am looking at are equipped with many of the items you pay extra for on a BMW. At this point I am considering a 4 Series Gran Coupe, a little large for my needs, but it checks many of the boxes I need - large trunk, AWD, a roof low enough that I do not need a ladder to load my snowboard/s, bicycles etc. I would buy a lightly used one, my research indicates a steep depreciation curve on these vehicles. A new Golf R is now $40k+, for that money I can purchase a lightly used 4 Series Gran Coupe and enjoy the sweetness of a BMW straight six motor - the very item that attracted me to BMW in the first place.