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Originally Posted by radiofrequency View Post
Thank you for your service - 3 concussions in the last 5 years changes everything, my writing has suffered along with my memory, so I appreciate your triage of my post, I wish that you were available during my last accident to triage my injuries - 27 sutures in my forehead etcetera, etcetera....... Going for a SPECT Scan soon, doc wants to assess my brain damage through decades of blunt trauma**. In any event, i still need a luxury hatchback with 300HP and superb handling - I will consult with my Neurosurgeon, he told me that he chose Brain Surgery over Rocket Science as he wanted a challenge....
Your writing seems fine in the first post and this one. I just suggested to break up a block of words into sections for easier reading that's all.

Wishing nothing but good luck your way with your brain recovery and your car search.