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Originally Posted by piotres View Post

Great work !

Does it need any coding or not ?

I want to do same thing, I have 06.2015 production 118d with exactly same idrive knob as You had with small display, no nav.

Can You write part numbers or all parts which You had used ?

Thanks a lot, that will help me and many other users .

Retrofitting an NBT EVO pack will require either original FSC codes (costs a lot if you go through the official way), custom FSC codes (varies from 70 to 170 USD) or an emulator (around 30-40 USD). If you dont use any of the above, the HU will go into protection mode and you wont be able to use its features.

Size:8.8 screen from 3 series
Part nr: 65506822626 (non touch version)

Idrive controller
Controller: 682908203
Touch ECU: 65829347469

Head unit
Just look for Head unit HIGH2, it has a label on top that says NBT EVO HU and ask the seller if it is compatible with f20. Most of them are.
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