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Originally Posted by Shrader View Post
its interesting as despite a lot of people going on about no LSD so waste of time everything ive seen ( harris vid) and read suggests that the setup of the 135 is V good indeed. Does the TC hold back on the revs or does it let the car carry on throttle but just brake which ever wheel is slipping? if so then this is good enough for me , Ive read a lot in the us forums about the TC on the 335's and how it cuts power which is rubbish. Sorry for the questions this will be my first BMW move !!!
I can only talk for the F20 116i, but I assume the M135i works the same way.
It basically depends on which mode you are in.

DSC Off: Free throttle, only brakes spinning wheel, but engine running comfort mapping.

Traction Mode: Cut throttle when the car is sliding, engine running comfort mapping.

Sport+: Cut throttle when the car is sliding, engine running sport mapping.