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Progress so far
So pin 1-2-3 stay the same no change to these at all

Pin 8-9-10

Pin 8 is your lin1
For driver side you get your yellow black cable from fem body in the passenger side footwell on the left you take the pin out and put it in plug 54 it will be empty

Pin 8 on your passenger side in the fem module would be colour yellow red trace this out and put this in pin 53 this slot will also be empty

As for you kcan h and l pin 9 & 10

What I did I took the back of my cdplayer unit off,
If I remember it's pin 9 & 13 yellow red and yellow brown cable I just spliced them and took connections for them for my headplug plug 9 & 10

Voillaaaa that's the wiring done

Now it's just the coding

Reading up what to do now to have this sorted but believe u me it's looking sikkkkk

Not bad for an upgrade both headlights slightly used for 400 quid

If you liked my work so far send us a thumbs up