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Bmw f20 from pre lci to lci headlights led xenon

Hi I once some time ago did a conversion
With the help of a chap called don on my one series Bmw f20 2013 with the headlights being halogen to the new lci led headlights
Like a plum I never took pictures of anything like whatís he did with the wiring
This time round Ive bought a 118d 2015 pre lci once again front smashed in
All ready now got my self a pair of complete headlights led and over the weekend Iím looking to have a go at getting the wiring part sorted
Any light on what sort of pins will need moving around
Will be taking pictures this time
On the plus side my brothers car is a m sport 2018 with led manufactured
So I will be taking pictures of his connector And then comparing the two
If anyone can shine some light on This as Iíve had so many messages since my first project that it would Be nice if thereís was a write up on how to go from pre lci halogen to Lci xenon