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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
It's sort of insulting to say the hardcore M fans are "funny". I grew up wanting an M3 as soon as I was interested in cars.. so I got familiar with M philosophy. Now that I do finally own M cars, having their philosophy change so drastically is negatively affecting my interest in the vehicles. I know they will make more money this way, but to say we are "funny" for caring about it is a little short sighted on an M3 enthusiast forum.
Its not insulting at all unless one is posing, I grew up the same way loving the brand and the cars, and have owned them for my past 20+ years on the road. Its a fact, when you are envious of someone else, its comical. If it affects you, find another brand, but theres nothing that you or I can do to change this. I was a hater when M announced trucks and turbos and I wont be buying the new M6 due to this change in engine philosophy, but its not the case that I wont by another BMW, I just know now that the company has a different focus and I dont have to have the M to enjoy my ride. Time marches on, you either accept it or it pass you by, but it wont change. Just appreciate what you have and dont worry that I have something as nice, or nicer, it doesnt affect your life, and that my only point. There is no exclusivity in these cars, just in ones mind.
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