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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Yes, even though M Performance goes further by having both petrol and diesel models.
Good point, south. Although I will not be surprised to see Audi respond in time with their own performance diesels. As a side note, I wish BMW still had a V8 diesel like Audi and Mercedes do (though for how long, I don't know). A V8 diesel performance model would be awesome.

Originally Posted by ferrari6891 View Post
The funny thing is, the regular 335 was putting up S4 numbers, so I don't understand where this new M Performance slots in
Well, then it seems the BMW Performance models will perhaps perform better than the competition.

Originally Posted by plien69 View Post
Just trying to figure out how the new line slots into the existing 3 lineup, since it's the bread & butter:

335i = stock suspension, stock engine
335is = tweaked stock suspension, tweaked stock engine
M335i = ?
M3 = M suspension, M engine, M styling & body parts

So what does the M Performance line get? Even more tweaked suspension and engine? Or the same tweaks as the is line, but with M styling?
I would guess that once the E92 goes away and the 335is is discontinued, BMW will create a F32 M440i (or something similar) to replace it.